About me

My name is Boyke ten Broeke, a 40 year old Dutchman and BBQing and cooking for 20 years now. I was actually raised with it (literally and figuratively). It’s something i inhereted from my mother and i love to do it. Nowdays i do food demo’s, foodblogging, workshops and i have my own BBQ rub which i sell in the Netherlands and Belgium. I would love to send it to the USA but unfortunatly that will cost more in shipping than that the price of the BBQ rub. (So if you have any sollution for that, by all means let me know)! Anyway the BBQ rub is truly Dutch. With many spices that are well known for being used in Dutch food!

me during the finals of the Best taco of the Netherlands competition

Under the banner of the Hungry Dutchman, I often give workshops, tastings, and demos at events. I offer workshops in BBQing (including at people’s homes on location), outdoor cooking (so authentically outside with cast iron over an open fire). Starting in 2023, I will also offer workshops in sausage making. More information about this will be available soon. Additionally, I also occasionally do small catering and private chef assignments.

Spareribs Project
Before the Hungry Dutchman was created, there was already another website available called the Spareribs Project, which had delicious spare ribs recipes (as this is where I started and developed a sort of specialty). On this website, you will find the most delicious spare ribs recipes, all creatively crafted. Be sure to check it out!


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the possibilities for BBQ workshops, catering, etc. were limited. So, like everything else, a digital outlet had to be created. I have a food blog, of course, with delicious recipes, but I have also started with merchandise. For this, I refer you to my other webshop, namely the BBQFanshop.